The Boxer of Quirinal Is Here!

Photo of John Barr, a man, holding his book, The Boxer of Quirinal, in front of his chest

Photo by Brian Emery.

June 20th marked the official launch of my new book, The Boxer of Quirinal. The poems, written over ten years, explore challenges that all animals – from majestic herons to humble inchworms – face in their struggle to survive. But humanity must confront an additional obstacle: the eternal presence of war. So how do we live with that? The Boxer explores this question with poems on events in the present and past, in history and nature. They invite you to consider the connections.

If you do buy the book, I thank you for that, and close with a wish. Consider leaving a review on your preferred platform, whether that’s Amazon or Goodreads.

I like to think that a poem, once written, is still not completed. It is the act of reading that concludes the poem’s journey. It is you, the reader, who completes the poem.

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