What people are saying about The Boxer of Quirinal

Photo of a man, John Barr, pulling his book of poetry, The Boxer of Quirinal, off a bookshelf

Photo Credit: Brian Emery.

I’m writing with something to celebrate: Over 5,000 readers have added The Boxer of Quirinal to their to-read list on Goodreads! The reviews have also begun rolling in. Here is a selection of them:

On Goodreads:

Mallory: “This was an interesting book of poetry … I think my favorite was the series of poems called The South China Sea. The imagery tied with storytelling was great.”

Greg: “I am by no means knowledgeable about poetry, just a guy who likes to read a lot in a wide variety of genres … My absolute favorite, the one I want on my tombstone, is The Library at Innerpeffray (pg. 28).”

On Amazon:

Brian: “The poems in Barr’s The Boxer of Quirinal cover a wide range of subjects … But a clear and urgent theme unites these poems: the theme of survival. What’s more, Barr’s use of language is rich and masterful … This is a book you’ll want to reread again and again.”

Macy: “John Barr has woven a brilliant patchwork of poems that sing, together, of survival. He tells diverse stories - of the Civil War, of a heron, and even of life while his brother is in hospice - with mesmerizing economy, precision, and sharpness. The Boxer of Quirinal is a beautifully balanced and urgent book. Reading it felt soul-enriching. I highly recommend it.”

On The VVA Veteran:

Bill: “The poems in The Boxer of Quirinal deal with life and death in the natural world as well as in conflicts created by humans … John Barr creates … thoughtful poetry that will challenge you at every turn.”

If you have purchased and read The Boxer of Quirinal, would you please take a moment to review the book on your preferred platform? I am also hosting a Goodreads Giveaway if you’d like an opportunity to win a free copy to review!

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